About Me

Nothing special to report here; I’m just a normal bloke enjoying a happy life with my wonderful family.

Yes it’s true that I have been lucky in life, but I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve ever achieved and I look forward to seeing the positive in everything and everybody. It saddens me that the media so often focuses on negative aspects of our wonderful world. I am happy, go lucky chap who is always up for a laugh and I look forward to getting out of bed every day.

It’s true that I run Copybook but we have never made a fortune and my wife and I watch every bill as do other families.

I dearly miss my children from my previous marriage –  Sam, Elke & Alex but I have a wonderful life with my 6-year-old daughter Sophia.

I left school with no qualifications but always intended to work hard and soon found out that this attitude helps people get on in life.

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