Another Early Andy Warhol

Can you imagine my surprise when an art dealer came round and studied the Rudy Vallee sketch only to inform me that he thought one of my other pictures I bought on the same day from the same sale was an original Andy Warhol too?

He spent nearly an hour studying a sketch that I had previously assumed was another one from Gertrude Stein because it was just in pencil. As it was unsigned I have to admit that I had barely given it a thought.

It was not until he pointed out that it was on the exact same paper as the Rudy Vallee sketch that I started to get a little excited.


He told me to note the dark lines round the edge of the image. He told me to look at the more intricate detail in this picture as opposed to the other pictures by Stein.

More importantly, in January 2013 the Warhol family released other early sketches from Andy and they were very similar in composition, technique and paper type. They can be viewed here.

This was more sturdy evidence to strengthen the argument against the few doubters out there that the Rudy Vallee sketch is totally authentic. After all, how could any of this have been copied before the family released new images of his early work?

This compelling evidence proving that my sketches are original.

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